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One thing that sets this book apart, particularly as a work in the "graphic novel" genre, is its great variety of visual imagery. We find within these pages various photographs, maps, printed-page excerpts, diagrams, posters and poster-like advertisements, newspaper and magazine clippings, political cartoons, and, of course, many drawings both comics-based and realistic.

Point out memorable examples of each of these categories. What is meant in this book by the word "empire"? Discuss this key term with your fellow students. Define "ghost dance. What does he mean when he states on page 17 : "The nation's hoop is broken and scattered"? The phrase "Certain White Men" appears on more than one occasion in these pages. When, and in what context, does the phrase first appear? Who does this phrase signify, both specifically and generally? Eugene V. Debs makes his first appearance in this book on page Who was Debs?

Why was he both revered and hated? For what is he best known today? And where else do we encounter him in these pages? How does it work?

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Where has it been utilized, over the years and across the globe? In the bottom panel of page 33, we see a maid or domestic servant waiting on a wealthy white person. It's a scene that we find more than once in A People's History although in this case, given the speech balloon appearing at far right, the drawing might be ironic. Where else in this book do we see such an illustration? Explain the origin of the term "yellow journalism," as detailed in Chapter II.

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What was the Sykes-Picot Agreement? For whom was the agreement named?

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What did it achieve? And how, per page 87, was this agreement "essentially codified" by the Peace Treaty of Versailles?

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  • A People's History of American Empire: The American Empire Project, A Graphic Adaptation.
  • Who was Emma Goldman? Why is she remembered by history? Can you find where? This work is presented, both visually and textually, as though its main author, the great historian Howard Zinn, were delivering a lecture. Zinn is our narrator; we as readers are "attending" his lecture. The American story, then, includes however partially the Zinn story. Discuss how Zinn's life has informed his arguments and beliefs. How has his biography has shaped his personal philosophy?

    Just above the sequence of five photographs at the bottom of page , we read: "Many of our wars were launched on the quicksand of public deception. Who are the two men depicted at the bottom right of page ? Where have we seen them before in this book as represented with these very same portraits? What is each saying about race and the U. Who are the four girls shown amid flames in the bottom-right panel of page ?

    Konopacki melds realistic and energetic cartoons — Zinn lecturing in the present day, American and Vietnamese soldiers in the jungle, the Shah of Iran's White Revolution — with archival photos and document scraps to create a highly textured visual presentation. Each episode has its own period-specific narrator: Woody Guthrie sings about the Ludlow Massacre, a zoot suiter recounts the convergence of racial politics with popular music, and Zinn remembers his class-conscious boyhood through World War II soldiering and activism undertaken as a Civil Rights-era college professor.

    Politically charged, this book can't stand alone as a history text, but it is an essential component for contemporary American government education, as well as an easy work to suggest to both narrative nonfiction and sophisticated comics readers. Sioux Falls Free Thinkers. Point of Order! Bill, to a graduate student, then professor, of history. That huge acquisition of land called the Louisiana Purchase gave no hint of anything but vacant land acquired, no sense that this territory was occupied by hundreds of Indian tribes that would have to be annihilated or forced out of their homes in what we now call ethnic cleansing.

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    Zinn goes on to chart the rise of U. Imperialism into the twentieth century as the increasingly militarized nation seizes Mexican territory and invades Cuba and the Philippines. But what of the war Zinn begins with, the war in which he fought? Near the end of the short film, he returns to his days as a WWII bomber, when he heard a fellow pilot argue that the U.

    A People's History of American Empire: A Graphic Adaptation

    But peel back the curtain on our actions in the world, and we will see the same atrocities, the same cruelties, and the same basic motivations as every other act of imperialist aggression. Howard Zinn Dies at Welcome to the Plutocracy! We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. To support Open Culture's continued operation, please consider making a donation. We thank you! Zinn was an extreme left-wing kook whose primary goal was to twist the minds of gullible kids into accepting his incessant anti-American propaganda as truth.

    That parents and students paid thousands of dollars for exposure to such tripe is one of the wonders of our times.

    There is no such thing as a country, or a person for that matter, that does no wrong. But that does not detract from the reality that the U. Zinn, among other absurdities, expressly denied that fact. Hitler and Japan hold the title pre for foreign deaths. The US after.

    A People's History of American Empire

    Zinn observation and analysis prove much about the US imperialism. All the enlightened people can see its double standards; bending the international law to it so-called interest; Destroying nations that does not agree with its political motives; Making it own rules to suit its imperialist intentions to control and conquer strategy.

    One day it will all end in tears.